As an alternative to commitment, we are dedicated to encouraging and guiding at-risk yml in achieving moral maturity. Our program is a stepping stone for first-time youth offenders, young offenders and yml who display at-risk factors.

YAMM serves the yml of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to using their experiences in life to the young and the community in the
Winston-Salem community-wide area.

What we will do for youth:
  • Live on purpose
  • Lead by positive example
  • Learn from our youth
  • Teach to discard stereotypes and move forward
  • Encourage to explore problems and use reasonable critical thinking skills
  • Work with parents by providing resources and parental guidance to help their young man or lady succeed
  • Teach financial responsibility and management
  • Teach anger management skills
  • Help build job skills
  • Refer as needed to counseling services
  • Commit to sharing love
  • Protect
  • Support
  • Give space to stand for themselves
  • Take our yml back from the streets
We partner with local agencies to get the needed help for yml to further our assistance in our programs to ensure they get the maximum services needed to help them succeed in life.

We get yml involved in community activities to guide the release of anti-social behavior, while encouraging social participation and communication. 

Our programs will:
  • Provide meaningful relationships with yml
  • Provide primarily group mentoring
  • Provide guidance on setting personal and academic goals
  • Support hrough transitions
  • Provide guidance to recognize talents and enhance skills
  • Provide guidance for moral goal setting
  • Provide resources for needed job skills
  • Improve caregiver discipline practices
  • Enhance family relations
  • Decrease association with deviant peers
  • Increase association with positive influences
  • Improve school or vocational performance
  • Engage positive recreational outlets
  • Develop a natural support network of extendedfamily, neighbors, and friends to help caregivers 

When young men and ladies are committed to a detention center, jail or prison, they do not receive the needed guidance and learning tools to motivate them to not reoffend, causing more built up anger and hate that results in reoffending.

Youth will be involved in following learning tools:
  • Community projects
  • Field trips
  • Emotional learning
  • Techniques for self-control
  • Seminars
  • ​Conferences
  • ​Community Fundraisers
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Leadership
  1. Youth Vision
    Kamm Galloway
Kamm is the founder and director of Y.A.M.M. She plans, develops, manages and coordinates programs offered within the organization. Kamm lives to help and guide those around her and those she meets. She has a passion for the needs and development of young children and youth adults. 

Kamm has an Associate's Degree in Accounting and Human Resource Management.  She went on to receive her B.S. in Criminal Justice, Cum Laude, from North Carolina Central University with plans to help the youth and young adults in her community. 

During her studies, she foresaw detained and at-risk youth and young adults becoming law abiding citizens although views from society did not look promising. She recognized that most youth and young adults do not have the guidance they need to become law-abiding citizens to live a morally mature life. 

She began a plan to guide those in need of guidance to complete high school, attend college, graduate and embrace a meaningful career by working with young children at the Salvation Army International Boys and Girls Club. Kamm's vision is to provide a caring, guiding, and responsive environment to young children and young adults throughout Winston-Salem, NC, Davidson County, NC and Guilford County, NC.

Kamm works to deter youth from offending by using learning techniques that keep the interest of youth focused on positive interactions such as:

  • A Comedy Show-She used the show as a anti-violation learning tool to illustrate to youth that they can have clean fun without the interruptions of arguing and fighting;

  • A Fashion Show-- She  used the show as a Self-awareness/Bullying learning tool to illustrate to youth that they are always beautiful in anything they wear dispite negatives from peers.

  • Community Day Events-- Three to four times a month, Kamm puts on Community Day Events in neighborhoods throughout the city where at-risk young men and ladies reside, serving hot dogs, hamburgers, giving away clothes, shoes and ice cream with varies activities to encourage reforming bonds between parents and child and the community as a whole. These community day events also give current mentored  young men and women an opportunity to use their social and leadership skills, illustrating how helping others will make one feel better about self over their lifetime and to encourage the positiveness of further helping others. Partnering with local agencies, the community days are also used to convey educational information on safety, schooling, life insurance and community resources.

  • Community Movie Night-- Four times a month throughout Winston-Salem, Kamm will be hosting a movie night for youmg men and women throughout varies neighborhoods where at-risk young men and women live. Her movie nights feature movies that illustrate the importance of neighboring, bullying, self-awareness, leadership, commitment, and fellowship. 

  • Service Learning-- Service learning will be used to guide young men and ladies using academic knowledge and skills to address community needs as well as community problem-solving through community service projects.

  • PreneurMe--   PreneurMe encourages and prepares young men and ladies to become self-sufficient using entrepreneurship with their current talents and skills for success in business and in life through building business projects individually and as a team.

​​Kamm believes over half of the young men and ladies who are sentenced to incarceration or detented can be turned around with the guidance she, her staff and volunteers will provide. She also believes there is nothing too difficult for God to turn around from negative to positive, where the impossible can be made possible. Therefore, Kamm's motto is "Walk by faith, not by sight".  She plans to take our young men and ladies back from the negative influences in a positive way.

Overall Program​​

YAMM is based off the New Jersey Mentor "Second Chance" program.  We believe role models drive a positive influence in the lives of our young men and ladies.  We also believe that they will lose their way without guidance, support and opportunities of experiencing values in their lives.  Without support from people who truly care, our youth in Winston-Salem, NC face dire consequences due to poor decision-making. 

We want our young men and ladies of Winston-Salem to know that they can get another chance at life, with our support, to live a better life and succeed at life.  Our program will do so by providing at-risk youth programs that will help guide youth to get back on track.

Why young men and ladies need a mentor

Every youth needs someone to depend on in life.  We match youth with an appropriate group that targets at-risk factors and for one-on-one youth matched with a mentor volunteer. The mentor serves as a role model and guide youth back to the right path in life.

Why youth need mentors:
+ For valuable support
+ For awkward developmental stages that accompany the transition into adulthood
+ For guided leadership
+ For interpersonal management issues
+ For guidance with problem-solving issues
+ To decrease learned dependencies
+ To improve self-esteem levels
+ To improve academic failure or poor attendance
+ To minimize the risk of re-offend
+ To ensure that youth appear in court and community service appointments
+ To protect youth from over restrictive placements
+ To establish realistic goals